Early the next morning, I headed to the pick up spot where a couple from East Anglia, England, a mother and daughter from South Carolina, our guide from Tuscany and I caught a bus to horse country in Tuscany.

P1030714Yes, that’s me, I never quite caught on to the horse’s name and the stirrups were waaay too short. They gave me the feisty horse because I made the mistake of telling them I had ridden before. She was a rebel, she fought me every minute, poor thing, I think she must be terribly unhappy with her job, but it’s a living. Her headgear keeps off the flies and makes her more comfortable in the hot sun. We were in beautiful Tuscan wine country, the ride was unforgettable. 


P1030732Olive trees, lemon trees and grape vines were everywhere; unfortunately my bratty horse required both hands and my full attention so I didn’t get the pictures I would have liked.



P1030731Wouldn’t you love to live in Tuscany?

P1030733The white building is where Albert Einstein stayed during much of WWII when it wasn’t safe for him to be in Germany, I’m surprised he was safe in Italy.



P1030738When we got back, our guide put his beautiful horses through some exercises before putting her away.

P1030744After horseback riding, we took a long, long winding road up and up into the hill country to this winery.

P1030746Gigantic kegs give just the right taste of oak, too small, the oak would be too strong, too large and they lose the oak flavor. These oak casks come from Germany.

P1030745Italians drink gallons and gallons of wine, it’s actually difficult to produce enough wine to meet the demand.

P1030750After the winery, we drove up even higher into the hills until we came to this charming restaurant where we were treated to a luscious lunch paired with a delicious wine tasting.

P1030754It was a satisfying and relaxing day. I decided to end it by exploring more of Florence.



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