Meh, I guess you must go there if you’re going through a checklist, but I’d put it near the bottom of the list. It’s intriguing, but there are many places with more to see. I stopped at Pisa for a couple of hours on my way to Venice.

2A5A77FB-7305-4B45-AA53-07BC5F766BDDStreet fair



P1030529There was a bicycle rally and fund raiser, but I couldn’t tell what it was for.

P1030538I believe this is Cosimo DeMedici

445C983F-3799-427E-BD59-B47CCD37504BStreet art




CC8B3C3B-20C0-45E5-860C-EFC48586870AThe baptistery is beautiful.





Famous bronze doors, they show the beginning of perspective in Renaissance art, it’s seen frequently in heavy bronze doors of this time.

E9E84FCB-1FF8-43D7-8D8C-9AAD9C374FA5Why is that woman pouring wine on Jesus’ clothes? Is he reaching out to slap her?

962970DC-3BB0-4CD6-BC0D-0C99D2A73FC1I think this must tell an interesting story. These frescoes are from the cemetery, they are very old, going back to the early church.

B7B5B018-404F-449E-B529-3277CC8EB9EEThe cemetery.

7026608B-224B-4CC8-88AC-9FE872F5761DThe fence surrounding the Jewish cemetery.

P1030533The River Arno, for all you crossword puzzle fans.

So long, Pisa, I’m off to Venice!






3 thoughts on “PISA

  1. Thanks for writing! I didn’t realize the tower leans so very much! Thanks for having someone take your picture – so nice to see you!

    The sidewalk art is astonishing!


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